Holiday Inn Express & Suites Irving DFW Airport North Review King Size Suite Room Tour Rm 217

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Irving DFW Airport North Review King Size Suite Room Tour Rm 217

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Irving DFW Airport North Review King Size Suite Room Tour Rm 217

⏰ Holiday Inn Express & Suites Irving DFW Airport North Review King Size Suite Room Tour Rm 217 KEY MOMENTS ⏰

00:00:00 – Holiday Inn Express & Suites Irving DFW Airport North Review
00:01:58 – Bed Room Amenities
00:03:37 – Bath Room Amenities
00:06:26 – Lobby
00:06:49 – Court Yard
00:06:56 – Window View
00:07:49 – Dinning Area
00:09:29 – Swimming Pool Area

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Today we're going to be visiting Room 217 this is a queen I'm sorry this is a King sweet Right when you walk in the room You have the desk to the right with a TV A wardrobe you have the queen size pool Out bed table you have a Lamp They have a credenza here We have a coffee maker with three Coffees we've got some tea some cups Down below we do have some storage just In case you need that it does have a Full size refrigerator in here now this One actually has a freezer which is Pretty cool Ready for your Frozen goods and it also Has the front here We have the microwave this is why we Love Holiday Inn Express On the wall we have the thermostat so That you're able to digitally choose What you want it on your temperature Have a large thin TV here we also have Some power plugs two power plugs here With two USBS and a switch for lights up Top romantic lighting we have the same Picture we see in all the rooms that we Go see We have the phone here and we have the Same Lamp that we see here with the European Plugs in the back which is pretty cool We have a nice desk chair with lime

Green Reminiscent of my grandparents in the 60s And a nice Small trash can there on the floor With the lamp here in the corner we have An on and off switch here a small Movable table and a free power plug if We needed to use it Now what you don't see very often in the Holiday Inn Express this one here Actually has Print room for the king-sized bed now This one here Is the standard mattress that you find It does have a duvet comforter And then it has the soft and the firm Pillow so we got four pillows on the King size We have the floating nightstands on Either side this one here has an alarm Clock and then it has two power plugs And two USBS once again night side lamps On either side of the bed And this one actually has two windows Here in the room which is pretty cool And we have two more plugs on this side Two more USBS so you can basically bring All your electronics from home which is Pretty awesome we have a second large Flat screen TV oh I see some family in There Hi family And then we also have the uh Dresser here that you're able to put

Your open Suitcase on we love this Because you're able to easily get it Open you don't have to unpack everything And you're able to use it Whoa you don't see this very often so we Actually have some Hooks and Hangers Here on the wall it's got two sets on Each hook which is pretty awesome so you Can put your shirts your towels all that Kind of stuff we got a son Uh we got a plug down here And then we have a full body mirror so If you need to get ready for all of your Festivities or going to the airport The air flow from this AC vent is Wondrous it feels super good and we have A nice light there on the roof Inside of the bathroom We have the lighted mirror up top We do have mama's favorite which is the Dove hand wash and the Dove body lotion We've got Pretty good water pressure on the water It does have a nice makeup remover mask Here mama's gonna like that We got a nice little Floral Pattern here With our tissues and we have some extra Towels down below So right here we got one big towel two Small towels we also have a another Trash can here and inside the shower This one here is a little bit tight Inside the bathroom But right here we have the

Hair dryer we do have the shower bar That goes out which gives you extra room In the shower uh this this one here is Kind of funny this shower has probably About five six so anybody who's over Five eight is gonna be ducking Underneath this thing which is kind of Funny uh full size bathtub if you want To go ahead and take a little soak and Then uh let's see what we've got here Let's see Pull and turn [Music] Okay so let's see what we got on this [Music] Okay so the water pressure is okay it's Not bad Um and then if you want to do the more Directed ones Get a little bit better of a clean That's a different shower head there and Then uh we also have mama's favorite in Here the Dove Body Wash Dove conditioner And the shampoo we got a little tight Corner here we're going to the potty now This is a small elongated toilet and It's kind of cramped in here so if You're a big person you might need to go Downstairs to the bathroom it does have A dual flush toilet on here though so That's nice we have uh two rolls of Toilet paper there ready to go and three Hand towels and three face towels so That is not bad at all and let's see we

Got AC intake here Oh And then we got the AC out that here so That's nice so we got the AC in the Bathroom as well Here in the bathroom we do have two Power plugs there so you can go ahead And do some other things here in the Bathroom if you need here inside of the Wardrobe we do have uh six hangers we Have a full-size ironing board a Full-size iron and Be safe You have an ATM here and then you have All of the adventures you can have I Have a towel rack here and a towel Return outside and you see here that They actually have a shuttle to pick you Up at the airport because the airport is Across the way so you get all your bags And you don't need anything A nice little Courtyard with the pool And they have the workout center across The way so this is the view from the Living room window it's nice A little Courtyard I asked for one that was not Facing the airport so we wouldn't hear a Bunch of the sound so this is nice it's Kind of encapsulated it's got a little Tree looks like they did do some Painting recently because there's some Paint on the windows but other than that Yeah it's nice and I'll tell you what This thing actually really keeps out the

Heat because I can feel the heat outside Now but when we had it closed you could Not when you have the two sets of blinds Closed it kept the light out really good And uh it kept it nice and cool in here All right here is view number two this One also kept the heat out really nice This is a side view of the courtyard uh So yeah it's nice to be able to have two Windows if you want to get some sun here In the room uh definitely a nice option They have a nice little seating area Here High back couch lots of seating area Here a little business center up front And they have the breakfast section and Nice thing here is on the weekends it's Till 10 o'clock [Music] We've got a huge seating area in here For breakfast Little Boots that's cute they got coffee All day round with tea and look oh they Even have charging tables here That's cool I think he's got chargers in them right No maybe Oh it looks like they have Chargers in Them but then they also have a guys here Oh see here we go we've got you covered I don't know how you make it work those Are little power cables [Music] We've Got Tea

Creamers hot water coffee Decaf coffee [Music] Now for breakfast make sure you get here Early because if they run out of food They will actually be making things one By one because they want to make sure They don't have a waste so you actually Have to ask them to make things that you Want and as soon as the time goes down They lower these Gates and you will get Nothing else Oh [Music] You're in the pool they have loungers All the way around they do have A Thing so that you can get it when you Have a wheelchair it has a pool and it Goes to four foot uh Deep and it has a sea area where they Match as well And during the day they do keep a full Towel rack ready to go so they do have Towels ready for the pool

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