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Apr 04, 2019 · Relay races are games where equal teams race to achieve a task. Relay race games provide team competition for many different occasions – day camps, school recesses, and outdoor parties as well as many other group get-togethers. We have . Jul 29, 2013 · Image courtesy of Ilario Prospero, Flickr. This week’s addition to our youth group games is a fun and challenging relay game for teenagers.. It’s also a great way of encouraging team building between your young people by having them work together towards .

Sep 05, 2013 · 5 Fun Relay Race Ideas. Relay races are great for building camaraderie, creating a few laughs, and getting in some exercise in the process. Have fun! 5 Fun Relay Races Water Jug Relay Race. Items Needed: one empty gallon water jug per team, one bucket filled with water per team, and one plastic or Styrofoam cup per team. Mar 19, 2018 · If there's a way that allows you to have fun and leads to effective team building, it's by playing games. In that direction, relay race games have been seen to do that task effectively well. We will give you a list of funny relay race ideas for adults.Author: Rujuta Borkar.

Jul 19, 2010 · Relay races have been a part of our family reunions since I attended the Fackrell family reunion in Lyman, Wyoming way back in the 1960’s. We did traditional relays like the wheelbarrow race, 3-legged race and the gunny sack race. Those races are fun but I wanted to share some relay races that aren’t so traditional. 8 Fun Relay Races for Kids. Games ought to occupy the primary position in the to-do list of your party, especially if there are a lot of kids coming. And if they are robust relay racers, then be prepared to relive your lost childhood as they indulge themselves in glee. Balancing an Egg: A Relay Race for Teens. Relay Games Kids. Things.