Picadillo recipe beef tacos – picadillo con papas – picadillo cuban mexican filipino taco

Picadillo recipe beef tacos - picadillo con papas - picadillo cuban mexican filipino taco

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Picadillo recipe beef tacos – picadillo con papas – picadillo cuban mexican filipino taco

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Hello and welcome to our cooking channel recipe demo. I want to share with you our famous picadillo recipe beef tacos. In the past we have made many videos on various Filipino recipes. The tacos are extremely versatile. They can be combined with nearly any other Mexican or Filipino dish. Their unique flavor and ability to improvise any dish make them a favorite among our community. Now we will share with you our secret recipe for picadillo beef tacos. Thank you for becoming part of our recipe family.

Welcome to delicious magical new world. Today in this tutorial, we will be showing you how to make picadillo recipe beef tacos. You don’t have to get groceries, you won’t need to go anywhere. The ingredients needed are already in your kitchen. So why don’t we make these tasty picadillo recipe beef tacos together? The dish is very simple to make andAlbanian beef taco recipe. There are no more doubts, so you have to make this delicious picadillo recipe beef tacos. You will love it so much. If you have ever wondered how to make picadillo recipe beef tacos, this is the easiest recipe to make. Please enjoy the picadillo recipe beef tacos video.

In this Picadillo recipe beef tacos I will show you how to make the best picadillo recipe beef tacos. These beef tacos or taco de carne picadillo are delicious. If you like beef tacos, you will love the mildness of the chorizo, and the flavour of the picadillo. This is a favorite recipe of my family and me. I hope you enjoy this loyal Picadillo recipe beef tacos video. Picadillo is simmered in tomato sauce, garlic, onions, tomatoes and other ingredients.

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Foreign Hey this is Daniel the green Cabbie and Today we're going to be making a Picadillo recipe or potatoes and meat Now some people like to add some Tomatoes peppers or tomato sauce I have Tried that don't really like it didn't Like the way that it came out but we are Trying to reproduce what we get when we Go to the Mexican food restaurant very Lightly flavored but it is tender tiny And delicious so let's go ahead and dive Into the recipe we're going to do today All right we're gonna do two pounds of Ground beef it's gonna be 80 20 lean to Fat uh we're gonna do one medium onion Chopped we're gonna do four medium Potatoes or two large potatoes we're Going to do two tablespoons of flour two Diced garlic and then we're going to do One teaspoon of salt one teaspoon of Pepper we're going to do one tablespoon Of uh cumin or Camino we're gonna do one Tablespoon of onion powder and one Tablespoon of garlic powder I'm gonna Take two tablespoons of butter or oil We're gonna go ahead and put in our Onions and garlic and saute this until It starts to lose some of the color and Become translucent All right we're gonna Brown our meat With our onions and garlic and we're Going to use our trusty Chopper you can Use a regular spatula but the trusty

Chopper is a lot easier to break it up And get it into small pieces Break it up until it's really fine and Then let it brown once you brown the Meat down take your two tablespoons of Flour And brown that out So that you don't taste flour inside This this is going to sop up the fat That you have and make a little bit of a Gravy All right once it's browned down we're Going to go ahead and add our potatoes We're gonna add our seasonings We're gonna add one and a half cups of Water [Music] We're gonna store it Stir it together we're gonna put a lid On it and we're going to let it simmer For 25 minutes until the potatoes are Tender let it simmer with the lid on for 25 minutes and you'll be ready to eat Make sure to turn it down to medium low Low medium While it simmers all right it's done it Has an excellent consistency super small Texture it is cooked all the way through And the potatoes are nice and tender so It is ready to go ready to eat to either Put in tortillas or in your hard taco Shells Hmm So it's excellent flavorful

Now like I said if you want You can add tomato sauce you can add Peppers you can add other things to it But I like this because It has a good texture it fits right into The tacos this is just like when you go To the Mexican food restaurants and it's Very very tasty hopefully this was Helpful if it was Smack That thumbs up And let us know if you like to add Anything else in your picadillo recipes So if you want to have a little bit less Fat you can drain fat in the beginning Or you can go ahead and press the meat At the end to be able to pull out some Of the fat some people don't appreciate The flavor or it feels a little bit Greasy to them so you can go ahead and Do that also if you want to add a little Bit extra flavor or Texture you can also Add in either two diced Roma tomatoes or You could add in eight ounces of tomato Sauce and if you want more salt you can Always add salt to the top or you can Add additional salt to the recipe to Your liking

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