Holiday Inn Express Corpus Christi NW Calallen Review – Holiday Inn Express NW Calallen Review

Holiday Inn Express Corpus Christi NW Calallen Review - Holiday Inn Express NW Calallen Review

Holiday Inn Express Corpus Christi NW Calallen Review – Holiday Inn Express NW Calallen

Address: 13425 Brookhaven Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78410
Phone: (361) 242-3330

This modern lodging is off the I-69E and a 16-minute drive from both Corpus Christi International Airport and the town’s main street.

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00:00:00 – Holiday Inn Express Corpus Christi NW Calallen Review
00:00:08 – Room Review Corpus Christi NW Calallen
00:01:32 – Bedroom Corpus Christi NW Calallen
00:03:15 – Secondary Room Corpus Christi NW Calallen
00:05:29 – Outside View Corpus Christi NW Calallen
00:06:08 – Indoor Areas Corpus Christi NW Calallen
00:06:50 – Outdoor Areas Corpus Christi NW Calallen
00:07:20 – Front Desk Holiday Inn Express Corpus Christi NW
00:09:10 – Conclusion Holiday Inn Express Corpus Christi NW

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Today we're staying at the Corpus Christi Holiday Inn Express and Suites Number 302 this is a king suite right Inside the door we have the bathroom Which has a long elongated toilet we Have a nice granite countertop with Mirror and dual lights with a single Sink it has tissues built in With a hair dryer and it has lights in The main room as well as inside of the Shower It has a single hand towel single soap And two cups to drink from along with Toilet papers here A small little trash can and we have Three large towels One medium hand towel and towel set up Here this is a full size tub and we have The dove in here fully filled up Conditioner shampoo and body wash my Wife loves the dove We have assistance bars inside of the Shower And uh the shower head is about six foot Tall so this one here I'm gonna have to Duck a little bit but it's about six Foot and they also have the Um shower rod that goes out to give you A little bit extra room inside your Shower coming out of the bathroom here In the closet we have uh two sets of Comforters and sheets we have a full Size ironing board with A full iron with six hangers we've got

Some hangers with the regular as well as The clips on the bottom a little bit of A storage cubby here on top Across from the closet we do have a Little seating area here also you can Put your suitcase on there to go ahead And open up your suitcase you've got Some artwork our king size bed and we Have Lamps either nightstand This one here has the plug on either Side so you have two plugs here you have An alarm clock And a little drawer in your nightstand The thermostat is on the wall next to The first night stand We have a flat screen TV here that's About 32 inches uh it is on a movable Pedestal here And next to it we also have two plugs There two plugs there And then we also have a landline So if you need to plug in for your High-speed internet it's kind of funny Because the desk is over there so that Might be an issue unless you're using Wi-Fi And then we have a DirecTV setup And we have drawers easy slide across From the desk they also have an Additional table that you can sit down At and eat now this one here is actually Pretty cool it has a secondary room off The side where the pull out couch is

This here is the suite setup they also Have an additional uh lounging chair Here oh and your full kitchen that's Pretty nice so we have full cabinets on Either side we also have a microwave Refrigerator and the Keurig mama likes The coffee all right and we have uh Three of the drinks here plus we also Have some tea Couple of cups as well as the [Music] Creamers we have an ice bucket let's see If there's anything hiding in here No Monsters or creepy crawlies that's Nice And then uh we got some extra cabinets There and inside of the fridge just a GE Fridge this is the full fridge no Freezer on top And then of course we have the king Queen size pull out on the couch comes With a ceiling fan that's actually A little bit low this one's here about Six foot seven and I'm six four so I Could probably get a free haircut Walking underneath yeah that's pretty Cool uh have another piece of art Another lamp That has two plugs on it I'm sorry one plug and two switches And then we have a second TV here which Is also Oh wow this one's a plaid uh LED TV That's pretty cool also has the

Mechanism that moves back and forth and A couple more drawers inside there now Inside the full kitchen we also have a Large trash can so we have Three total trash cans inside of the Room inside the shower they actually Have two little holders for your soap Which is pretty cool because a lot of Times when you have soap underneath the Shower head you know that dissolves and Gets all messy so they also have a Shower uh soap holder in the back as Well that's pretty awesome All right and outside the room we Actually have this really great view There is an apartment complex here but Look at this huge treed wooded area it's Super nice it actually has a fenced in Backyard all the way around which is Pretty cool so it gives you a little bit Of privacy and look at that foliage Green as far as the eye can see tons of Palm trees and in the front of the hotel They also have a lot of palm trees as Well On either side of the building the left And the right they do have 24-hour Access by key card to be able to get Into the building Main hall they do have a workout center That is 24 hours access by key guard Has a bike elliptical and a treadmill With a TV and a clock inside Your weighing machine and a water filter

Breakfast is here they have a fish tank Right in front of the seating area Right there they do have a seating area Along the tables and the breakfast area They have a guest laundry that is 24 Hours That has one machine in the wash and one Machine dry along with a folding table The building is the pool and if you go Over here to the right They have a grill area nice covered Patio they have a pretty sturdy little Bench here that fits probably six or Eight trash can and Holiday and themed Grill Well that's a big boy you could cook a Lot of meat in there It's got a wood cook top what do you Think In the front they do have a lot of Baggage carts which is real nice Eating area in the front Desk Business Center here 24 hours Two computers a printer and a phone Right next to aquarium and on the other Side You can see The breakfast area and I love fish Aquariums are fun I've won several Awards here For this particular Holiday Inn Express They have water fountains on the base Floor and they also have men and women's Bathrooms

[Music] Marble granite countertops Two Euros a regular toilet And the handicap unit [Music] Inside they have a baby changing area All right this one here has a pool that Has a three foot and five foot this one Here I don't think is heated but when You jump in it's actually rather warm we Enjoyed it they do have some sitting Tables and lounging chairs all the way Around And they also have a towel station with Fresh towels and then you put your other Towels down below some trash cans as Well also love the little love seats They have here where two people can sit Down that's very nice and the walls are Pretty high so that when you're walking Out on the street you don't see into the Pool which is pretty awesome also snack Area also with ice cream And drinks Wow they actually have a big selection [Music] Is circular Drive in the front Always covered with the big Holiday Inn Canopy Thank you The entrance at 13-4-2-5

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