Eco 5 FoodCycler by Vitamix Electric Kitchen Composter Review Unboxing – Eco 5 FoodCycler Review

Eco 5 FoodCycler by Vitamix Electric Kitchen Composter Review Unboxing - Eco 5 FoodCycler  Review ◀️◀️◀️ GET THE BEST PRICE ON ECO 5 FOODCYCLER NOW -affiliate-

Eco 5 FoodCycler by Vitamix Electric Kitchen Composter Review Unboxing Use Demo

In this video about Eco 5 FoodCycler by Vitamix Electric Kitchen Composter Review, Unboxing, Use Demo , I’ll take you through an in-depth review and demo of this innovative kitchen composter. Watch as I unbox and set up the Eco 5 FoodCycler, going over its features, like its 5 litre capacity and quiet, odorless operation.

We’ll also examine its refillable carbon filter and powerful Vitamix grinding system. I’ll demonstrate how easy it is to use, turning food scraps into nutrient-rich compost in just a few hours. Whether you’re into sustainable living or just want to reduce your kitchen waste, this could be the perfect solution. Tune in to learn more about the benefits and functionality of the Eco 5 FoodCycler by Vitamix, and see exactly how it can transform your kitchen waste into valuable compost for your garden or plants.

⏰ Eco 5 FoodCycler by Vitamix KEY MOMENTS ⏰
00:00 Eco 5 FoodCycler by Vitamix Introduction
00:06 3-year warranty information and 5 liter capacity of the product
00:19 Description of product features including odorless and quiet operation
00:24 Mention of Vitamix motors inside
00:27 Unboxing and revealing what’s inside the package
00:50 Registration rewards program
00:56 Packaging and eco-friendly design
01:04 Caution about the product weight
01:14 Heavy-duty construction guarantee
01:20 Demonstration of latch and stainless steel top
01:37 Observations about sharp blades
01:47 Unique features of the product
01:56 Reminder for users about the product’s potential risks
02:05 Introduction to the 5 liter bucket
02:16 Closer look at the product’s construction
02:27 Emphasize the quality of construction
02:31 Warning about a potential weak point in the design
02:39 Instructions on setting up the carbon filter
03:04 Process of adding charcoal pieces into the filter
03:14 Preparing the filter for use
03:18 Explaining the aeration feature of the lid
03:32 Layering of filters in the product
03:41 Information on what can be composted
03:57 Important points on composting and potential hazards
04:56 Process of filling the compost bin for the first time
05:08 Motivation behind the use of the product
05:22 First composting cycle start
05:50 Brief update after an hour
06:02 Completion of the composting process
06:08 Inspection of the final compost product
06:27 Summary of the composting process and its benefits
06:38 Final thoughts and conclusion on the product

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Eco 5 FoodCycler Review





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This is a review and unboxing of the Food cycler by Vitamix the Eco5 now you know if it’s made by Vitamix uh it’s got to be backed by Quality they do have a three-year Warranty on this just make sure that you Register your product it does have a Five liter capacity it’s supposed to be Quiet and odorless refillable carbon Filter where they give you the pellets To put in there and it also has the Grinding system that is made by Vitamix So it’s got the Vitamix Motors inside What you’re getting inside is the food Cycler itself the filter bucket and the 5 liter bucket to put all your scraps in Also says on the top that you get the First refill of the carbon filter or the Carbon uh kernels to go inside the Filter and you get the user manual looks Like you get extra benefits for Registering your product you also earn And learn uh with the rewards program as You register your product you watch Videos and you try new recipes I don’t Think you’re going to have compost Recipes I think they’re talking about The blender and they also have the Support number what I like about this so Far it looks like it’s using all Recycled uh packaging to Now careful when pulling out the food Cycler because it’s actually 31 lbs so It is kind of Hefty uh but you know when

Vitamix makes a product they always make It heavy duty uh so this one here is Probably going to weigh a lot more than Other competitors we’ve got our latch Here in the front that locks it we have Our top here that looks like it’s Stainless steel we have the vent top and This is the canister for the granules to Be able to put in the filter granules We’ve got our power button here in the Front inside the top we had our power Cable our first set of carbon charcoal Granules that go in the top and it says Beware there are blades and they’re Sharp wow now look at that that is super Sharp it’s got a heavy duty augur here In the center that is metal and then It’s got all the blades around so as it Injects heat and air it also grinds it Up this definitely looks like something Vitamix would make and we got a little Warning over there for people who don’t Have common sense that says it’s going To be hot you can get your hand stuck in There or you can cut yourself because it Is sharp up top we have the handle so You’re able to pull out the 5 L Bucket and inside you see the super Massive augur and this one here is Actually stainless steel construction That’s pretty cool and it’s got a Massive augur in there so you know this Is going to be super powerful the bottom Here is also cast metal and stainless

Steel so this is super heavy duty listen To that wow everything in here is super Metal the only thing that I see might a Little bit of an issue in the future This one here is plastic so make sure That you’re not super gargantuan Hulkster with this uh because this you Might break if you’re yanking it too Hard but other than that everything else Is Solid super steel super sharp super Heavy duty to get the carbon filter Going so we don’t have any smells you Got to pull this out and you see it has A little locking mechanism in the front All right and you see we just need to go From here to there so we can unlock it And then we pull it up and then it has An air rated bottom so that it can go Ahead and send the smells through There That was definitely vacuum packed in There real tight look at all the little Charcoal pieces in There all right and then we’re just Going to go ahead and slide our filter Down inside it’s ready for operation all Right now this also has a lid for the Top that you put on top of here and now This lid uh is actually got air rated Filters in it and if you open it up it’s Got a locking mechanism you see here it Also has another filter uh to make sure That you’re not getting bugs through and

A bunch of smells through so it’s Filtering here and then you also have The carbon filter in the back so you Just put this back on and you keep Turning it until it locks and then you Have your lid that you just put on top There all right now it says that you can Go ahead and put in most fruits and Veggie scrats you can go ahead and put In meat fish sellfish poultry scraps Cereal and Grains eggs and shells we can Also put in coffee grounds filters and Tea bags beans seeds and legumes pet Food and poultry and Fish Bones now it Shows you a diagram of what you can and Cannot put in there now if you see here Yes you can put in all those things that I just told you and you can put in Shellfish with not the shells all right But you can also put in uh cut up prior You can put up fibrous herbs pineapple Leaves corn cobs and husks small amount Of paper towels and tissue uh you can Also put in whole fruits and vegetables And celery asparagus and other fibers Plants just as long as you cut them up Prior now in small amounts but I would Probably stay away from all of these but It says in small amounts you could put Sauces dressings and gravies pork and Lamb bones uh starches bread cake rice Hard pits now I would really stay away From this because if you put many of These in here you can actually uh grind

Up and clog uh your blades and it’ll Actually go into a error mode uh and Then a small amount of dairy products And a small amount of jellies jams and Puddings and it says do not put oils and Fats beef bones uh compostable uh tea uh Coffee pods candy and gum and cardboard Because that’ll all gum it up so just as Long as you stay in the yes and the Cutup prior uh you know really try to Stay away from the small amounts but if You put those there you’re going to be Happy with the outcome that you get all Right time for the first load I’ve been Getting really tired of throwing stuff Away when you don’t get enough enough so You’re not able to eat it before it’s Gone and so you know we always get all This food that we need to throw away and I really wanted to be able to do Something with this food so that it’s Not wasted and to be able to turn it Into you know usable soil it’s pretty Amazing so right now we’re going to go Ahead and clean out the fridge on the Stuff that we didn’t eat here as a Family and this will be our first our First make Here Instead of sending all of this to the Landfill we can go ahead and get some Nutrients back in the Soil all right now we just close it we Lock the lid and we press the button and

It’s ready to Go after 1 Hour it’s crunching the fan going you Can feel it coming through here so it Eliminates the Smells he’s now been added to the robot Army all right it is all done few short Hours and now we have compost I cannot Believe with what we put in here look at This this is Fine like sawdust and if you remember we Put in here meat veggies herbs bread Noodles uh paper towel like this is Crazy and this is in just a couple of Short hours it’s dry no real smell to it That is pretty amazing I cannot believe It This is definitely Trash to Treasure we Got a whole gallon bag size full of Natural compost in just a couple hours From all that stuff we put in from our Refrigerator all the food scraps and Everything that goes bad now can turn Into amazing fertilizer for your plants And garden

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