costa maya mexico – costa maya cruise port activities tour – costa maya port map

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costa Maya Mexico – costa Maya cruise port activities tour – costa Maya port map

⏰ Costa Maya cruise port KEY MOMENTS ⏰
00:00:00 – costa maya cruise port intro
00:00:54 – costa maya mexico import free alcohol
00:01:29 – costa maya cruise port tree house
00:01:36 – costa maya mexico Swedish massage
00:02:55 – costa maya cruise port yummy fish food
00:04:06 – costa maya mexico fish spa
00:05:38 – costa maya cruise port going back to the boat

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Thank you for joining us today to watch the best costa Maya cruise port video. This demonstration will teach you how to find the cheapest costa Maya cruises available. Today we are heading back to the Costa Maya Cruise Port.

There are so many things to do in this port. This video is to help you get around. We will be showing you the basic map of this port to show you how to get from point A to point B. Even though this port has tall ships, it is also a bicycle-friendly port. One of our favorite things to do here is to watch the dolphins in the blue waters. We look forward to showing you all the things to do in Costa Maya.

Today, we will show you costa Maya Mexico. When you are on our website, you are directly teleported into the next era of teleportation. Imagine yourself standing on the beach with no one around for miles. Truly, no place in this world has more to offer than this exotic destination. We hope you enjoy this costa Maya Mexico tutorial video.

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So we just got off the boat in costa Mayo we canceled our Excursion because we were super late Uh so we are gonna go And We’re gonna go on an adventure right Mama Yes we are so we’re gonna go see looks Like a bunch of other boats are docked Here Wow that’s a big boat right there We’re leaving the carnival vista It’s repetitive Here we go [Music] [Music] Got the import free Alcohols [Music] [Music] Hey [Music] Family’s getting ready to get a massage In costa maya It’s in like a tree house Currently it’s 55 An hour for a swedish massage and 90 Dollars for a couple’s massage So we just had a massage very relaxing What did you think mama Two thumbs up Two thumbs up plus one that’s three i Almost fell asleep mom almost fell Asleep

And the little one also fell asleep it Was his first massage ever in costa maya Mexico I love you All right we’re about to have some Quesadillas these are the sides that Come with it we got some mixed nachos With beef Chicken What else do we got in there we got Shrimp in there And we’re gonna try out the burrito they Got cheese sour cream and salsa So just like 10 seconds [Music] So the fish can eat clean skin Oh yeah i guess they make your feet Smell like yummy food yeah Am i gonna look like her when i’m done Oh that tickles Oh my gosh Oh my goodness Oh lord That feels so Crazy Wow that’s huge no Thank you sir Oh my god they’re going to attack Look At this Oh it tickles it’s gonna make my head Hurt It’s cute yeah it’s super cute We should take these home mama

[Music] Oh my god [Music] So we’re getting ready to get back on The boat The fishies on your feet are super Ticklish We had a good massage It was very relaxing but people can see You from Outside downstairs Because there is no closed rooms And it’s pretty cool that when you’re Getting a massage you can hear all of The birds that are in the surrounding Trees Did you and the breeze was nice All right we’re gonna get back on the Boat We came off the back one right mama Now we came off the back one But you get on the back one The ship that is right Front of this oh so we want to get on Here I gotta put on my mask Okay we’re gonna get back on the ship They’re gonna check our ids and our Cards [Music] Got to go through the metal detector and Secure [Music]

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