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Sep 08, 2006 · You are abusing your natural ability to enjoy your body. The Healthy Sexuality System will teach you how to comfortably change your negative masturbation practices into positive ones. We will help you rid yourself of your masturbation addiction, and allow you to still enjoy the benefits of positive, healthy masturbation.Status: Open. Based on the information above, it is clear that Vaseline and petroleum jelly have slight differences, especially the part about the purification process. This is why Vaseline can dare to claim that it is safe to use as a lubricant. Petroleum jelly, on the other hand, needs to be dissected a little bit further.

Mar 17, 2017 · Oil is an effective way to remove makeup, and petroleum jelly is safe to use in the eye area, according to a study on eye ultrasounds. Use a cotton pad or Q-tip (for hard to reach areas), and Author: Daniela Ginta. Mar 23, 2009 · Is Vaseline petroleum jelly masturbate safe? But if you are building up friction, you are rubbing too hard--- most guys never need lubrication for masturbation, once they figure out how to take it slow and easy. More intense endings that way too.Status: Open.

A better and safer masterbation lubricant. By Guest | 3 posts, last post over a year ago. It has the same consistency as KY Jelly, is clear and very safe. It's a great masterbation lube and never, ever irritates the penis as it's designed to be placed in the cheeks of the mouth and it is very long lasting. Female Masturbation. Oct 21, 2013 · Petroleum jelly, commonly known by the most popular brandname Vaseline, is a derivative of oil refining. Originally found coating the bottom of oil rigs in the mid-1800s, it's a byproduct of the oil industry and therefore an unsustainable resource (read: not eco-friendly). It's commonly used topically to cure everything from dehydrated, flakey skin to diaper rash.Author: Rebecca Adams.