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Sep 26, 2015 · In my reading about herpes, I came across something known as "herpetic whitlow", which is where sometimes people can get one of their fingers infected with it. I was worried if this could result from masturbating during an outbreak. Number 3: It has no cure, and the three main antivirals prescribed for genital herpes — Valtrex (valcyclovir), acyclovir, and famcyclovir — may help you, or may not help you at all. These drugs, even in their maximum dosages, had absolutely no benefit to healing or preventing my genital herpes outbreaks.Author: Pumpkinthecat.

Masturbation and herpes outbreak wunderin112. Hi, I have noticed recently that after masturbating in the shower the skin on the underside of my penis becomes irritated and then small red lesions become visible. This is irritable for a few minutes but then it feels fine. The very small lesions heal by the end of the day or the next and then it. That was August 28th. I finally told him about my Herpes status last Sat and he seemed to be okay with it. We were intimate the early part of this week. I was masturbating last nit and now for some reason I am about to have another outbreak as we speak. My doctor didnt think I needed it since I didnt have any outbreaks at that time. I saw.

Dec 23, 2008 · Can Sex Cause Herpes Reoccurrence? However, I've had outbreaks after simply masturbating. I can feel tingling at the base of my spine just after having an Author: Healthcentral. If your partner also has herpes, and you aren’t having frequent outbreaks, then maybe taking medicine only during outbreaks is enough for you. And, if you don’t want to take medicine at all, you don’t have to. Herpes isn’t like a bacterial infection, which requires taking antibiotics to keep it from getting worse.4/5(1).

Masturbation cannot give you herpes but it can cause sores that look like ones similar to this STD. But really all you need for masturbation-induced skin irritation is a penis health creme called Man1 Man Oil.