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60 Small Group Bible Study Topics, Themes and Tips. Picking Amenities - Childcare is one amenity that may be worth arranging for your adult small group (consider hiring a teen of one of the group members if you know them to be responsible and capable). Also consider offering food (at least for the kickoff — food makes everyone feel more. The Bible study materials can be used with a small group of friends, for individual study, or in the parish setting. Click here for leadership tips and tools to help you lead young women closer to Christ. You can bring our young adult Bible studies to a school, parish youth group, small group or use one-on-one with a young woman. Learn more.

Adult Bible study groups are an important part of religious life for Christian adults. It allows groups of individuals to gather together in fellowship, learn about the Bible and apply the lessons from the Bible to daily life. Often, Bible study groups are separate for men and women, which allows the group to focus on topics relevant to them. Sep 06, 2017 · I'm looking for study materials for a young adult (post-high/college age) group that is newly forming at Wayland CRC. I thought maybe a video series would help spark discussion. Any suggestions? This is our first attempt at organizing this age group so we'd prefer no "homework" type materials during our first session.

Young Adults. We believe that the Bible contains insight about life and relationships that is priceless. We learn more when we participate in a community who studies together. We have two kinds of young adult ministry – freestanding classes, and young adult groups hosted inside our daytime and evening adult . FREE 100+ printable small group studies by topic for adult, college and youth Life Group ministries. Leaders Guide & resources. "Increase your spiritual growth through interactive small group Bible Study" PHASES OF A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY (4 Lessons) The Secular Life Topical Bible Study Lessons Old Testament New Believers Bible Study.

Young Adults. College students, singles, or young marrieds: get Bible studies specially adapted for your unique stage of life This new resource combines a study guide with daily devotions that reinforce the weekly group study in one convenient and affordable resource. View Daily Discipleship Guide. He’d love to talk Adult Bible study. The young adult's life is full of transitions. Moving away from home. Starting a career. Getting married. Living abroad. Becoming a parent. Owning a home. The list is endless. As you work with young adults, use these resources when guiding them through this ever-changing time.