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Dec 04, 2016 · The Diaper Story Archive. Your Source for the best Diaper and Regression Stories on the net. Menu and widgets. The White Ribbon. not to mention the strangeness of wearing a diaper while sitting in the lap of another adult. Looking for new eBook releases? See the DailyDiapers eBook Releases page. Looking for TRUE Stories? See our new True Tales page Diaper School Story Collection - A school for adult girls who need discipline and diapers! First Day At Diaper School.

Adult Diaper Stories thanks you for your visit. We hope you found a Diaper Story you like. Try using our Google Search Box which will scan 1000's of Diaper Stories and Abdl Stories in seconds for you. All you need to do is type something in the search box that interests you. Maybe you like the popular Diaper Punishment Stories or Adult Diapers. Chelsea liked to be in control, until they came along Jacqueline and daddy go on a picnic. Jacqueline's adventures with daddy continue. Jacqueline has a soaking wet adventure filled weekend. Husband resigns himself to his role. and other exciting erotic at!

True Stories. Do you have a great true life story about how you began wearing diapers? What about how you got or hid your diapers? What about being caught in the act of wearing your diapers? We here at Babyland want to hear your true stories. To kick off our new page here in Babyland we are going to run a CONTEST. Lesbian Diaper Fantasy Come True by James Kent 61.3K 122 4 A teenage girl with a rare fetish and a crush on her college friend becomes helplessly regressed and has her deepest fantasies fulfilled.

Apr 30, 2012 · A Common (Generic) Diaper Punishment Story. Some of you will probably dislike this story (and a couple more I have in mind) because they are unlike my usual writing. They are quick-moving, not very detailed, and generic. However, I have had a few diaper punishment stories in mind for a little while, and I want to go ahead and get them out of my Author: Julianna1633. Web site for those who suffer from bed wetting and or day time wetting as well as adult babies and diaper lovers. This site is to the best of our knowledge the most accepting, supportive and understanding place on the internet. WELCOME TO AB/DL STORIES. So we leave trusting that a true story is in fact true to the reader.:).