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Medicaid in New York State PLEASE NOTE: we have recently redesigned our site. (NY State of Health): Adults (not pregnant) and aged 19–64, not eligible for Medicare; Medicaid for Income Level for Single People, & Couples without Children Resource Level (Individuals who are Blind, Disabled or Age 65+ ONLY). New York Medicaid eligibility requirements have expanded to accommodate a variety of patients, totaling more than 6 million covered in June 2016, alone. Thanks to Medicaid benefits eligibility expansion, uninsured rates in NY have significantly fallen. Adults with incomes up to 138 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) are encouraged to review how to qualify for Medicaid.

Adults between the ages of 19 and 64 may apply for Medicaid since the enactment of healthcare reform legislation. The assets of adults are not taken into consideration, but income must be very low in most cases. Single New York City residents must earn $177 or less per week to qualify for Medicaid. 5. Reflects Medicaid state plan coverage of the eligibility group for parents and other caretaker relatives. Parents and caretaker relatives with income over the income standard for coverage under this group may be eligible for coverage in the adult group in states that have expanded to cover the adult group.

Because Medicaid is a health insurance program for the poor, one must have income and assets below a certain limit to be eligible. For a single elderly or disabled person in New York State in 2017, these limits are $825/mo. of income and $14,850 in total assets. (The income limits for people.