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Dec 12, 2012 · Yesterday, I got my first Windows 8 phone. Today, while trying to download apps, I found that I have to have 'parental permission', even though I'm an adult. My mom has a Microsoft account too, and we've both had them from before I was an adult, but how can I change this? Why do I still need her permission to download something? Jul 15, 2017 · Need Adult Permission to Open Google Chrome Fixed the problem by having said friend re add me as a child, change all the settings to all permissions granted through the family section, and then removing me from the account. Now that I'm home, I can't seem to open Google Chrome because it tells me I need to ask for permission.

Ask the Expert: The who, when and why of Scout permission slips April 10, 2014 Bryan Wendell Ask the Expert, Health and Safety 88 Permission slips are like seat belts. Exceptions. There are many exceptions to these laws requiring parent consent for counseling. For example, in Michigan, children who are at least 14 years old can get up to 12 weeks of counseling without parental consent, but they must obtain permission if the counseling continues beyond that.

It isn't necessary to notarize in every state, but it's required in some and a good idea in all. Medical Consent Form The document giving permission to travel proves to authorities that your. Toning down the nagging permission screens in Windows 8 leaves your PC more vulnerable to the dark forces of computing. But if you find yourself grinding your teeth more than working, Administrator account holders may adjust the paranoia level of Windows 8 by following these steps: Right-click in the bottommost-left corner of any screen; when [ ].

It is important for all adults to discuss their personal wishes with loved ones while they are still healthy. An elder law attorney can discuss individual questions and concerns, prepare these legal documents, and provide advice on additional legal planning tools that may be useful for your family’s circumstances.Author: Marlo Sollitto. You need permission to perform this action. Why do I need permission when I already agreed to it when the other annoying UAC dialog popped up and asked me about it! Strange thing is that even if you are an Administrator, there are certain tasks or actions that Windows locks down.