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adult trained dogs for sale - Certified Trained Adult German Shepherds from Kraftwerk K9.

About Our Adult Trained Dogs For Sale Our Trained Adult Pet Dog are in high demand for families with children, companions for mature adults, empty nesters and for people who just want to have a great family pet without the hassle of hundreds of hours of raising and training a puppy themselves. Trained Dogs to Order For the discerning person that desires something special for themselves or their family, we have our “Tailor Made To Your Desires” Trained Dogs For Sale. I really enjoy training dogs that can do all that I can teach.

The price of our pre-trained adult pet dogs range from $5,800.00 to $20,000.00 depending on the level of training plus a delivery fee. You can also view our available dogs for sale, on our Facebook page. Adult trained German Shepherds for sale. Adult trained German Shepherds for sale have a significantly higher value than trained German Shepherd puppies. However, they are a wonderful asset to people who are not able to put in the time necessary to train a dog or raise a puppy.Location: 11303 183rd Avenue Southwest Rochester, WA, 98579 United States.

German Shepherd Dogs For Sale. Trained Adult German Shepherds can be a wonderful asset, family companion and protector for your home. The dogs you see listed on this page have handled and professionally trained to meet the needs of a family and/or working environment. Fully-Trained Personal Protection Dogs For Sale. For over 30 years the focus of our business has been placing fully-trained adult personal protection dogs with families & individuals like yours. Our dogs are first selected from Europe’s competitive working dog competitions.

Our fully trained dog program offers discerning clients the convenience of being able to purchase a dog that has already been trained in obedience and family protection. Our protection dogs are balanced, environmentally sound, strong in character and correct to the breed. We hand select each animal and custom tailor the training. At Trained family and companion dogs for sale, our goal is to provide top notch dogs that are not only well trained and well behaved, but are also great family pets. Our track record speaks for itself we don’t provide well-trained dogs; we provide exceptionally well-trained dogs.