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Jan 20, 2014 · Adult learners are actively involved in the learning process such that they make choices relevant to their learning objectives. As such, adult learners also direct their learning goals with the guidance of their mentors. As an educator, it is important to facilitate the process of goal-setting.Author: Christopher Pappas. English Speaking Basics is for English speaking beginners who need help to understand the basics of speaking English. We will use very simple phrases and expressions to help you with your English speaking. This first section contains the first 30 lessons. Go through them 1 by 1 until you are familiar with each sentence.

He observed that adults learn best when: They understand why something is important to know or do. They have the freedom to learn in their own way. Learning is experiential. The time is right for them to learn. The process is positive and encouraging. Adult Literacy. Adults who have not been able to learn to read efficiently, have proven that not everyone can pick up new facts about reading by chance. With this phonics course, you have the ability to teach over 1,000 different spellings of the common sounds. The course is called Practice Reading and Speaking.

Basic English lessons to help you learning the basics of the English language. Learning the basics of the English language. Choose a basic English lessons that are listed below. They are for people that have little or no experience of the English language or you might want to refresh on some basics. The lessons are in no particular order pick and choose which lesson you want to learn.