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In 2 randomized controlled trials (RCTs) comparing elective repair of inguinal hernias with watchful waiting, the cohorts who made up the control groups experienced strangulation rates of 1.8 per thousand (0.18%) and 7.9 per thousand (0.79%) occurrences per patient-year. 1,2 In the first of these 2 trials, 1 with 364 control group patients, median follow-up was only 3.2 years (maximum 4.5 years), . Repair of an inguinal hernia via surgery is the only treatment for inguinal hernias and can prevent incarceration and strangulation. Health care providers recommend surgery for most people with inguinal hernias and especially for people with hernias that cause symptoms.

Jul 26, 2017 · Surgery is the only treatment for strangulated hernias. The operation must take place as soon as possible to prevent lasting damage to the affected tissue. Surgery is a two-step process.Author: Jamie Ludwig. Oct 06, 2017 · Adults need to have inguinal hernia repair surgery in the following situations. Hernias that contain a loop of intestine without blood supply (strangulated hernias) require emergency surgery. Hernias that contain a trapped loop of intestine (incarcerated hernias) need to be repaired as soon as possible to avoid.

Inguinal hernia. About 27% of males and 3% of females develop a groin hernia at some time in their life. Groin hernias occur most often before the age of one and after the age of fifty. Globally, inguinal, femoral and abdominal hernias resulted in 60,000 deaths in 2015 and 55,000 in 1990.Symptoms: Pain, bulging in the groin.