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Oct 25, 2013 · An Adult baby rarely has a sexual attraction or desire attached to wearing diapers and role playing a baby. For an Adult Baby the desire to wear a diaper and role play . Mar 03, 2013 · He thought for a long time trying to find a way to get diapers of his own. Finally he remembered how his dad had said that he wet the bed when he was a boy, and his mom made him wear diapers before. This intrigued Mike, he had never seen a diaper that would fit someone his age, and he decided that he had to try it.

Diaper Fetishism and Infantilism ABDLs with only the one symptom might have infantilism, diaper fetishism, or both. Diaper fetishism is, of course, a fetish where the erotic focus is on diapers. Infantilism is basically the desire to dress as and be treated as a baby. It was briefly yet formally defined by the American Psychiatric Association. My diaper is probably messy, but I can't tell. The good news though, the amount of people using an Ad-blocker in the past month is only 66%, which is better than the 86% that were doing it before.

Aug 26, 2018 · By Komodo Source: Maddie and her older sister Holly sat at the dinner table eating supper with their parents as they did every evening. As seemed usual in their home Holly liked to dominate the conversation, telling their parents about her day at school and how well she was doing in every class. May 05, 2009 · Diaper lovers (DLs) are adults who enjoy wearing diapers, even for non-medical reasons. Reasons to wear a diaper may include convenience, sexual pleasure, or simply preferring the way they feel over regular underwear. You may feel confused if you meet an adult who prefers to wear diapers, or may not 87%(253).