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Prerequisite: A 200-level psychology course is recommended. Precluded Course: PSYC 381 cannot be taken for credit if credit has already been obtained for PSYC 363. Psychology 381 provides comprehensive coverage of normal aging across the physical, cognitive, social, and psychological dimensions as. Course content examines the ways adults construct meaning, including intellectual, moral, and personality development. Gender and culture are highlighted, and particular emphasis is placed on understanding the influence of context on adult development.

Adult Development and Aging Course Search > Humanities & Social Sciences > PSYC.3600. Course No: PSYC.3600-HA1; SIS Class Nbr: 1908; SIS Term: 2840 Course Status: Canceled 5/10/19. Course Description. Begins with an overview of recent theoretical perspectives on adult development and aging. In chronological sequence, it presents the stages of. This course focuses on both the traditional perspectives on cognitive, social, and emotional development and on the challenges of negotiating these universal developmental tasks in the modern world. PSYC E-1603 Adolescent and Young Adult Development.

Psychology of Adult Development and Aging. PSYC - 2040. 3 Credits. This course is an intensive study of human growth and development in the adult years. Topics include adult personality, as affected by both continuity and changes; mental and physical performance of adults; participation in social roles such as spouse, parent, worker and retiree. PSYC 310 ADOLESCENT AND ADULT DEVELOPMENT (3-0-3)(F,S). Designed for psychology majors, the course emphasizes theories of human development including psychodynamic, behavioral, social-learning, and cognitive. Includes contemporary views of genetics, the environmental, and research designs appropriate to developmental issues.