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It is well-known that Islam does not allow unmarried men and women to touch each other in a sexual manner. The purpose of this rule is to avoid the serious sins of adultery and premarital sex. However, a particular narration is cited out of context to imply that breastfeeding adults is allowed in. Apr 12, 2012 · Now, a report titled "Kuwaiti Activists: Husband Breastfeeding from Wife not Prohibited," published earlier this month by Arabic RT (see also Garaa News) opens by announcing that "The adult breastfeeding fatwa has returned once again to the spotlight, after Kuwaiti Islamic activists supported the adult breastfeeding fatwa issued by the Egyptian Author: Raymond Ibrahim.

Islam and The Nursing of Adults. Sam Shamoun. The ahadith record how Muhammad permitted a rather shameful practice. Muhammad permitted women to nurse young adults who were not their children. According to the ahadith, a man became envious regarding the fact that his adopted son lived in the same house where his wife roamed unveiled. Jun 25, 2019 · Therefore, Islam strongly recommends breastfeeding but recognizes that for various reasons, parents may be unable or unwilling to complete the recommended two years. The decision about breastfeeding and the time of weaning is expected to be a mutual decision by both parents, in consideration of what is best for their family.

It is, after all, no coincidence that the above mentioned Kuwaitis, like Sheikh Misbahi, were members of the delegation that recently went to ask Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti about Islam’s position on churches in the Arabian Peninsula: the same source that compelled the Grand Mufti to declare that all churches must be destroyed, is the same source that advocates “adult breastfeeding. Many Christian missionaries use a report from Sahih Muslim to argue that Islam allows adult breastfeeding. They try to seek for different arguments that kill their contentions. Let me respond to each of their arguments. The Hadith: There are quite a few narrations on this in Sahih Muslim and other collections. I quote one of them here;.

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