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“Kelly’s New Mommy” Part 1 By Jeroen This story is about Adult Babies. That is adults who role play as babies. All reference to babies or minors or similar in this story refer to adults role playing as babies and NOT adults substituting for minors. Baby Brrr's Adult Baby Nursery - a site where adult babies, diaper lovers, infantilists and their friends can find out more about this fun lifestyle. Stories - Baby Brrr's ABDL Adult Baby Nursery This is a collection of adult baby and nappy/diaper stories that I have written, or that I read online and really liked.

Adult Diaper Stories thanks you for your visit. We hope you found a Diaper Story you like. Try using our Google Search Box which will scan 1000's of Diaper Stories and Abdl Stories in seconds for you. All you need to do is type something in the search box that interests you. Maybe you like the popular Diaper Punishment Stories or Adult Diapers. Posted on April 9, 2012 April 16, 2018 Author anonymous Categories Role Play Stories the big house put your self in my shoes, this is a story that myself and partner wrote together taking in turns to write paragraphs. hope enjoy as much as we did There is a group of people.

CHAPTER ONE: We’re a happily married white couple in our mid 50s. We enjoy an active sex life and a big part of that is “role play.” Kinky, fetish, bondage, well, you know what I’m talking about. Keeps the marriage fun and interesting. I’m Mark, 6′, 235lbs, and my role is that of the dominate, and I Reviews: 1.