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Violence and Abuse. Violence occurs in various contexts, including homes, schools, neighbourhoods and communities, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, class, ethnic background, religious or spiritual group membership, physical and mental ability or place of residence. Child Sexual Abuse in Canada Warning Signs, Steps to Take, Emotional Effects, Employment Effects, Adult Relationships, Criminal Charges Child sexual abuse is one of the most misunderstood and underreported crimes in Canada. Most commonly the perpetrators of sexual abuse against children are not strangers, but those closest to the child.

Warning. The information is not legal advice. Abuse or neglect of older adults can have serious consequences. In many instances it will be your obligation to ensure that an older adult gets legal advice as soon as possible. Legal advice will help protect your client. It can also protect you and your employer from a lawsuit. Financial Abuse / Exploitation Any act that involves the misuse/abuse of funds and/or assets belonging to a vulnerable adult, such as: ° obtaining property and funds without the person’s knowledge or consent, or by using undue influence ° where a person is not mentally competent, not .

Protection from Elder Abuse and Neglect. Unfortunately, some seniors suffer from abuse and neglect, sometimes from caregivers or family members. Abuse can take many forms, such as physical, sexual, emotional, financial, or spiritual. Neglect and self-neglect are also forms of abuse. Self-neglect happens when a senior lives in a way. APSAO - Adult Protective Service Association of Ontario. We interact directly with adults with developmental disabilities to help them access and maintain services and support.

The Adult Protection Act does not cover financial abuse. Situations of alleged financial abuse would be handled by your local police department. They will investigate to determine if the financial abuse is a crime and will recommend the best way to proceed. You should call your local police or the toll free Seniors Abuse Line at 1-877-833-3377. National non-profit organization providing information to raise awareness of abuse and neglect in later life. Includes news, a calendar of events, and resources. Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse .