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5 Fun ESL Classroom Games for Getting to Know Each Other 1. My Name is X, and I Like X. When you’re teaching beginner ESL students, this game can be great for the first day. The game can be carried out in several ways. The first and simplest is perfect for true beginners. Start by introducing yourself using this format: “My name is x, and I Author: Emily Monaco. First Day of School Resources. Be prepared for your first day of school. With our resources to help students feel comfortable getting to know each other through fun "un-classroom-like" activities and advice for the teacher, the first day will be great!

For those who teach adults in a language classroom, you know that your students’ needs and preferences are very different from those of a child. This article looks at the special needs that adult learners have and what measures the ESL teacher should take to meet those needs.Author: Susan Verner. By adult esl games. This getting to know each other activity is an ideal first lesson activity. It’s simple to set up and works well for most levels above Beginner. Sketch or print out this first lesson interview template, One thought on “ First lesson: interview another student.

ESL Getting to Know You Activity - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking - Low intermediate - 30 minutes In this getting to know you worksheet activity, students write information about themselves and then hand it to a partner who has to find out why the student . Here’s how I use this popular 4-skills ESL Activity in my classes: Dictogloss. #11: ESL Board Games. Another one of my favourite ESL activities for adult beginners is a board game, which are perfect for rounding a unit, or reviewing material before an exam.

Apr 30, 2011 · ESL Teachers meet tons of international students in a year and teach a multitude of classes. You never seem to have enough ESL icebreakers.So here are more "Getting to Know You Icebreakers" that you can use in your first week of a new class.Reviews: 4. May 22, 2018 · At the most basic level, an effective speaking task will result in students practicing English they know, learning more English along the way, and developing the confidence to use the language for their specific goals.An advanced business English student, a single mom who just moved to the States, and a student studying for the IELTS will all be looking to practice, learn, and develop confidence.