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Jan 18, 2018 · Within the credit card processing industry, however, adult merchant accounts are generally classified as “high risk” merchant accounts, and many merchant account providers will therefore refuse to offer credit card processing for adult entertainment websites. An adult merchant can begin processing credit cards once the account is approved. To curb chargebacks, can assist in setting up chargeback management software, integrating it with the payment gateway, and enabling chargeback alerts. A fraud filter also can be set up for online payments.

Adult Merchant Account Our company is also specialized in arranging a merchant account for various adult oriented online businesses. Our main solution is a direct merchant account through one of the reputable western-EU banks (own MID/descriptor, bank pays you directly), with payment gateway and everything you need to start accepting online credit card payments. With Zombaio's IPSP solution you can apply for your own high risk merchant account. You use Zombaio's platform for e-ticket issuing, access management, backend etc, but you use your own direct merchant account, and the acquirer pays you directly to your bank account daily, weekly or monthly.

Why is it difficult to set up an Adult Merchant Account? The adult industries are a hundred billion dollar industries which are generating the billions of revenues. It is the largest industry after the Hollywood. In one survey held at the US out of ten websites, five are adult websites containing adult . We will provide a Merchant Account solution that fits your needs and work with a number of banks that specialise in Adult Credit Card Processing. Our approval rate is 99,9%. Adult- providers are considered to be high risk merchants. Many acquirer and merchant account providers will not want to allow adult content providers to use their accounts.The adult business is lucrative but controversial.

Establishing an Adult Merchant Account The adult entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry just in the U.S. alone. If you’re a merchant who sells adult toys and products, you know that the demand for your products is consistently strong from one quarter to the next.4.8/5(35). Merchant Accounts for all adult businesses (High Risk). The adult online business is one of the most lucrative industries on the internet. Whilst payment solutions exist for online businesses generally, the payment solutions required for adult businesses is quite specific and consequently many merchant account providers do not provide for the adult industry's needs.